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Dream Reality Interactive - App Store Artwork

Orbu Apple Store.png

At DRI I worked on multiple projects, one of which was 'Orbu' an AR puzzler game. I was responsible with creating the icon and screenshots displayed on the App Store. The process consisted of receiving feedback from the art team on colour and layout tests, then proceeding to create the final artwork used for the App Store. All work was created in Photoshop.

Dream Reality Interactive Game Storyboards

Working at DRI on their latest VR sci-fi game I was responsible with creating storyboards, which involved collaborating with the writer to interpret the script into quick and easy-to-read illustrations to help create a clearer vision for the team. The process consisted with drawing quick loose thumbnails, which would assist me in creating polished version of the storyboards in Adobe Photoshop. I would then go through the storyboards with the Head of Art to look for any changes that needed to be made before sharing with the team.

Dream Reality Interactive - Concepts and UI Design

While working on storyboards I also spent time creating concepts for levels, items and UI design. This process involved working closely with UI artists, 3D artists and designers while consistently learning and receiving feedback to get the concepts to a professional standard. The project is still in development,

with signing a non-disclosure agreement I could only show a few concepts. 


These concepts were created in Adobe Photoshop.

Immediate Media - Make Do Share

This is a commission I illustrated for ‘Immediate Media’. It’s a double page spread for the scout’s magazine ‘Make Do Share’. Working closely with the client I kept him up-to-date with ideas and concepts to make sure the best piece of work was created that represented a scouts hike in a wintery sunset. I tried to capture the scene with using cold colours for the ground and warm colours for the sunset, which were illustrated with water colour paint and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

Final Fantasy XIV Online - Origami Illustration

Hi I’m Lawrence,

I’m an Illustrator living in Cornwall who creates narrative-driven artwork and immersive virtual reality videos. If you have any questions please get in touch!

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